Nissa IAE Sport, a new student union for MEES Master's degree

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Published on April 15, 2021 Updated on April 15, 2021

Our MEES Students just launched their new sports association : Nissa IAE Sport

The aim of this association is to help sports organisations with managerial, communication, marketing and event organisation issues thanks to our students' skills.

Our IAE students come from various backgrounds throughout France and they hope to work in a sports-related field as managers, company directors, entrepreneurs, or event planners.

However different they may be, the whole class shares a passion for sports. For example, Malou, a resident of Gruissan, is a surfer and Samad is a football fan from Morocco.

"Challenge ton MEES! "


Even during a global pandemic, our students still managed to organize a challenge and introduced their MASTER as well as their favourite sports activity in a dynamic and fun video format.

Who are they??

Combining humour and anecdotes about their personalities, discover them through shorts videos presenting their favourite sports and passions.
Our students have taken it upon themselves to share their passion through a month-long challenge on Instagram.
It might be in French, but you'll definitely find them interesting! 

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