Join our BACHELOR of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – BBA at IAE Nice Graduate School of Management

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Publié le 20 mai 2020 Mis à jour le 27 octobre 2020

A One-Year international Full University Degree - 100% in English. You can apply when holding an undergraduate 3-year degree in ANY FIELD (no business degree required).


Our BBA is all about Know-How & Soft Skills  

"At IAE Nice, we believe that you not only need to acquire core business and management Know-How, but you also need to nurture your own interpersonal Skills.  

In combining the two aspects together, you will then be able to stand out of the crowd and show your personal ability to act efficiently", says Dean Nadine TOURNOIS. 

The 2020-21 BBA Academic year will start at the beginning of October 2020. Discover our BBA Curriculum and Apply Now

At IAE Nice, we shape our BBA round: 

  • Courses scheduled three days a week from October to March 
  • A mandatory 4-to 6-month internship (April - September) 
  • Curriculum taught 100% in English by: 
  • IAE Nice full professors and lecturers 
  • International visiting professors 
  • External professional speakers 
  • Soft Skills complimentary added value offer incl.: 
  • Individual coaching and mentoring 
  • IAE Nice Career Center services 
  • Learning & practicing foreign languages 
  • A self-coaching chatbot 

For more information contact us at: